about me

Vanni Berna - Foto My name is Vanni Berna, I'm 33 years old and I live in the province of Venice.
I am:

  • Professional Sommelier of A.I.S. (Italian Association of Sommelier)
  • A.I.S. Official Taster
  • A.I.S. Course Master
  • A.I.S. Rapporteur
I take a part of the wines selection committee as an Expert Taster at the Chamber of Commerce of Venice, for the DOC wines of Piave, and Lison Pramaggiore.
I am an Expert Sommelier for the section Veneto for Il Vino di Berna.

my job

  • I am Commercial Manager for Italy and abroad for several Wineries, and consultant in writing of wine menù and in organizing of thematic eno-gastronomic events in local premises. My job provides:
    • research and selection of agents;
    • research and selection of distributors and wholesalers;
    • creating a commercial network in Italy and abroad;
    • coordination of selected agents in the various provinces;
    • assistance for sale;
    • management of business and corporate mission;
    • national and International market research, seeking informations on the international market;
    • advice on marketing strategies, procedures for the export and characteristics of the Italian and international wine market;
    • initiative promotions granted by the company;
    • support as a critical of the products and their competitiveness and graphic imagine of bottles, price lists, brochures and whatever;
    • management of traditional contracts HO.RE.CA, and the contract of high selling customers;
    • collaboration with the company for planning of the best suited sales strategies;
    • cooperation in organizing of trade show stands;
  • I offer advices in writing of wine menù and in organizing of thematic eno-gastronomic evenings in local premises.
  • I am the organiser of the event "La Grande Festa Del Vino." (engl. "The big Wine Party").




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